International trade consultancy

This Division of Barnamarketing offers you global services of international trade. This services have been thought to offer the costumers a wide range of informations to make important decisions about products and services sales wordlwide.

This Area works in coordination with the Marketing Area and can offer:

  • International markets selection advice.
  • Distribution and Commercial systems in the international markets advice.
  • Freight and International Logistics advice.
  • International prices and costs studies.
  • Profitability studies

So, we can say that Barnamarketing can help you with:

International freight management advice
Choosing the best freight in each transaction; the best carrier and analyzing the packaging and the documents.

Customs and international taxes advice
Identifying the duties and taxes to import goods, and all the quantitative and qualitative restrictions.

International partners search
Searching buyers and costumers in different markets: distributors, wholesalers, commercial agents, etc.

Payment methods
Analyzing the different payment methods and all the documents. Choosing the best payment method in each transaction.

International trade agreements
Advicing in the best kind of international agreement in each transaction: contract of sale; commercial agent; exclusive distribution; Joint-Venture, etc.