International marketing

In the marketing area we offer global marketing advice. Our services offer all the necessary information to make important decisions about marketing and sales of the products.

We can do:

  • Definition of strategic marketing programmes.
  • Definition of sales programmes.
  • Building Customer Loyalty programmes.
  • Competitiveness analysis.
  • Portfolio analysis and market positioning.
  • All these acts need a good previous market research. Our experience managing market reasearch let us make
  • market research that help our customers to make important decisions.


Barnamarketing knows what the small and medium size companies want to get from a market research:

Useful information

The Marketing Area can do market research to answer the questions wondered by the costumers. Nowadays, the market doesn’t let doing standard market research, so we focus our activity in the particular needs of our costumers:

  • Sectorial market research.
  • Wholesalers and retail market research.
  • Image and branding market reasearch.
  • User/consumer profile market research.
  • Buying habits market research.
  • Opening business and establishment market research.


What services can Barnamarketing offer you?

Barnamarketing developes the trendy quantitative and qualitative techniques and the stadistic analysis to offer a wide range of market research:

  • Consumer
  • Products/Services and Brands
  • Demand and sales
  • Advertising
  • Distribution

Barnamarketing makes the market research easy to understand and useful for the costumer.